Anna and Elsa OUAT Sneak Peek.


Trying to make it through the hiatus.

Divergent Deleted Scenes - Chocolate was always my favourite.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Natalie Dormer accepting the OMG Moment of the Year for the Purple Wedding at the mtvU Fandom Awards


Teen Wolf fandom wins the Fandom Feat of the Year award  (TW Cast onstage) (1080p HD)

It’s cute that he gave the award to the fans cause indeed this was a fan award but maybe the people who worked their ass off to raise the money should have got it!


I can not believe Veronica Mars won over pll and fault in our stars…. I’m so disappointed 😡

This is bullshit! Veronica Mars fandom had a dedication that lasted for like a decade and it’s that dedication that made the movie possible even if the series was cancelled years ago! So i’m happy it won!I also loved other fandoms nominated but we really deserved it! so please shut up! capravolante cosa mi tocca leggere!


this is the cutest picture ever


this is the cutest picture ever


Matthew Lewis accepts the Best Fandom Forever award (via video) at the first annual MTVu Fandom Awards x